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Magdalena Murua: Comic Strips

july 2 - August 19, 2019


For Magdalena Murua, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1975, comic books represented an integral part of her upbringing.  They were an escape and an oasis from the struggles of her childhood, and she found solace between their colorful pages. Today, the artist has two children of her own, and she realizes that comic books are becoming an antiquated source of entertainment.  Her objective is to reframe the sense of joy that she derived from comics into a new form to bring others the same pleasure. By disassembling the elaborately colored pages, she’s able to piece together optically enchanting abstractions that draw the viewers in, and remind them of simpler joys.

Comic books have become a representation of her youth, and the deconstruction of these pages alludes to the complexity of adult life.  In viewing these works, we either take in the whole piece or analyze its intricacies. We, the viewer, feel the need to reconstruct the cut comics, imagining that they are puzzle pieces in our minds.  Symbolically, this references an adult’s desire to make sense of their past by looking at scattered memories of childhood. However, the task of analyzing our past, like puzzling a Murua piece back together, is challenging.  Murua allows us to approach our mature states with a playful attitude. The artist suggests that the less seriously we take ourselves, and the more childlike we are in our search for identity, the more joy we can experience in our daily lives.

We feel that Palm Beach is the perfect place to exhibit these artworks, because people that move here tend to have a relaxed view of life.  In the context of Murua’s artwork, local visitors will relate to the playful nature of these nostalgic compositions. 

Adam Adelson
Adelson Cavalier Galleries